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Production of glassware apparatus and laboratory equipment in Göttingen – Rettberg

Glassware apparatus for the laboratory in single one-off pieces or serial production runs

As a professional glassware apparatus maker, our comprehensive know-how and many years of experience makes us stand out from among the crowd. We have been successful in the marketplace since 1958. Among other things, we take borosilicate glass 3.3 and produce laboratory glassware apparatus, both for single one-off pieces and serial production runs.

Our serial products, as well as our customised productions, are made in accordance with drawings, sketches, templates and customer-specific requirements for the industry and for scientific institutions. We always work with the firm goal in mind of enabling our customers to use reliable, tried-and-tested, and innovative lab glassware technology.

Customers’ existing laboratory glassware apparatus is in the best hands with us as well. We are able to quickly and professionally repair or improve any such apparatus at our production facility in Göttingen.

High-quality laboratory glassware apparatus from the glassware professionals

Gebr. Rettberg GmbH – Your partner for the outstanding production of glassware apparatus in Göttingen

We only use high-quality glass such as borosilicate glass for our lab devices. This material is characterised by its extraordinary chemical and physical properties. Borosilicate glass 3.3 is impressive, with its high mechanical strength, extreme heat resilience and thermal shock resistance, among its other properties.

Our range has even more to offer – we sell more than 150,000 items of laboratory equipment, laboratory technology and laboratory glassware apparatus from refined specialist manufacturers and specialist laboratory dealers such as Eppendorf, Miele or Simax. Visit our online shop and let our diverse range convince you.

What we can produce for you:

  • Distillate appliances
  • Ground glass joint parts: cones, sockets & accessories
  • Components for distillate appliances
  • Glass filter devices
  • Adapters and transition pieces
  • Flasks with ground glass joints and threads
  • Reaction vessels and accessories
  • Nitrogen-vacuum jobs
  • Extraction equipment
  • Sublimation equipment
  • Cold traps and Woulff bottles

Professional laboratory outfitting with Rettberg

Outfitting laboratories professionally requires the utmost precision and accuracy. The smallest of mistakes will not only make for erroneous results and ruin examinations but may also be dangerous in numerous ways, depending on the experiment.

Profit from our professional service and our extraordinary solutions when it comes to furnishing your laboratory. Contact our expert sales team with your individual requirements and expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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