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Rettberg – Laboratory Glassware and Laboratory Equipment

We are delighted that you are interested in our laboratory glassware products. With our employees’ expertise and over 50 years of experience in producing glass apparatuses, we stand for tried-and-tested quality, comprehensive service and innovative problem solutions.

Our product catalogue will provide you with an overview of all our glass apparatus products and associated services.

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Laboratory Provider

As a service provider for customers from the chemical and scientific sectors, we offer our customers the entire spectrum of materials used in a laboratory, through to high-tech laboratory devices.

Our product range comprises more than 150.000 products from renowned and respected manufacturers and specialist laboratory suppliers.


Tried-and-Tested Quality

Our customers demand from our company that we develop and manufacture reliable, tried-and-tested as well as innovative glass apparatuses – and this is at the very heart of our company’s quality policy.


  • Glass Repair
  • Pipettes Service
  • Glass Coating and Dye


Laboratory glass products
Finishing products
Laboratory glass accessories

News & Info:

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Our Laboratory Glassware:

Standard Ground Components: Cones and Sockets and Accessories
Glass Filtration Apparatus
Flasks with Ground Joint and Thread
Reaction Vessels and Accessories
Nitrogen - Vacuum - Jobs
Sublimation Equipment
Dosing and Filling Funnel
Gas Distribution System
Desiccator System
Weighing Bottles, Fogginggläser and Hybridisation Bottles

Our Laboratory Equipment:

Separation Technology
Optical Inspection
Lab Equipment
Cultural Strains