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About Us

Glass Apparatus Production and Specialist Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in the Third Generation

Since it was founded in Göttingen in 1958, our company has grown steadily. This momentum continues to drive our vast product range. We cover everything from glass appa- ratus construction to products for the diverse specialised laboratory trade, giving you a comprehensive service offering.

Continuity remains as important to us as it always has been, with the third generation of the Rettberg family now running an operation that is synonymous with quality and competence. We rely on our high-class team, thus ensuring innovative solutions to any problem.

Our customers demand from our company that we develop and manufacture reliable, tried-and-tested as well as innovative glass apparatuses – and this is at the very heart of our company’s quality policy.

Here at Gebr. Rettberg GmbH, we have always had a special focus on quality since the company was founded in the late 1950s. Our quality policy always centres around you, the customer. In terms of the development of your glass apparatus, we will turn what you want and require into reality. In fact, what we promise you is reliable equipment, whether your preference is for innovative new designs or tried-and- tested items! Rest assured that you have our guarantee that all our products are subjected to strict comprehensive testing by specialists before they leave our company.

Glass apparatus construction:
Qualified glass apparatus professionals have been turning laboratory glass into laboratory equipment at Rettberg since the very first days of our company. We produce glass apparatus based on templates or drawings from our cus- tomers, who come from both the scientific and industrial sectors. We can produce single, one-off items or items in serial batch production runs.

Specialised laboratory trade:
The specialised laboratory trade is our second pillar. Gebr. Rettberg GmbH offers services for scientific institutions and companies from the chemical sector, providing highly pro- fessional laboratory equipment as well as laboratory consu- mables. We pride ourselves on having more than 150,000 items in the range we offer.

Know-how for repairs:
In addition to the production and improvement of laboratory glass, Gebr. Rettberg GmbH also offers a comprehensive repair service. We are here to support you, should you have any needs in this area.

Our Laboratory Glassware:

Standard Ground Components: Cones and Sockets and Accessories
Glass Filtration Apparatus
Flasks with Ground Joint and Thread
Reaction Vessels and Accessories
Nitrogen - Vacuum - Jobs
Sublimation Equipment
Dosing and Filling Funnel
Gas Distribution System
Desiccator System
Weighing Bottles, Fogginggläser and Hybridisation Bottles

Our Laboratory Equipment:

Separation Technology
Optical Inspection
Lab Equipment
Cultural Strains